Student Network Access Protection (SNAP)

Mason has implemented an electronic system called Student Network Access Protection (SNAP). SNAP has been designed to help ensure that your computer is prepared to safely connect to the Mason Network. The system will ensure that your computer does not have any targeted worms, viruses, or trojan horses and is configured to Mason's standard level of computing security.

The SNAP system does not violate your privacy or scan the content of your files. To learn more about what the system specifically does, you may want to read the Update Tool function overview. The Frequently Asked Questions document can answer most general questions. Here is a list of the Supported Client types by Operating System.

Your computer will have limited access to the network and Internet until it has successfully completed the SNAP process. If you have additional questions about this system please contact the ITU Support Center at 703-993-8870.

Mason security guidelines require the use of the University standard Symantec Endpoint package on computers connected to the Mason network. If you do not have SEP 12, please download the client.

Prior to beginning this process you will need to uninstall any non-standard anti-virus software and temporarily disable any firewall software/pop-up blockers on your computer. Examples of common anti-virus software include McAfee, Norton, Trend Micro, etc. Failure to uninstall your non-standard anti-virus software may cause your computer to crash.

For help uninstalling your anti-virus software, please read How To Uninstall Software. Please return to this page after you have completed your software removal, disabled your firewall, and rebooted your computer.

To view screen shots of a SNAP installation go to the SNAP Quick Start Guide page.

Wireless Printers

Wireless printers will send out an SSID causing interference for the  Mason Wireless Network. The “Public Print” SSID was created to allow wifi printers to attach to a network rather than creating their own, and thus reducing the  interference. To use wireless printing in the Residence Halls, students should connect their printers to the “Public Print” SSID. This is an open network, no password is currently needed.  However, this network has no internet access, so it cannot be used by computers.  
To print to a wireless printer, the printer URL would be <device name>  Printing to a wireless printer in the Residence Halls can be done from any wired or wireless connection on the Mason network as long as the device name is known. Mason will not support privately owned devices connected to this network.